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Dear All, There comes a time in life when strangers are put in your path that forever change you. The care and compassion given to my mother, Susan Subocz, was something my family and I can never adequately thank you for. Every member of every department always went above and beyond at the Pines at Bristol. The last weeks of her life were an incredibly difficult time. When a family member could not be with her, we were comforted by the knowledge that she would be cared for with dignity, always made comfortable and at peace. Placing my mother was a difficult decision. The nurses and nursing assistants consistently provided a level of care that was more than I imagined possible. You became her second family. I want all to understand that even on your worst days the job you do matters more than you realize and touches more lives than you will ever know. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

— Barbara Subocz Herstell

I had such a great stay and the rehab went so well after my first knee surgery, that when I needed my other knee worked on, I decided to come back to The Pines at Bristol. Everyone here is extremely friendly in all departments. The therapy and nursing was so great that I was in and out within a week. I would recommend The Pines at Bristol to anyone needing a rehab stay.

— Harry Najarian

“Words cannot explain how lovely my stay has been. The staff is so friendly and professional and I would recommend The Pines at Bristol Center for Health and Rehabilitation to anyone wanting to get back on their feet and home. The highly skilled team met my individual needs with all the amenities and services that made me comfortable.”

— Mary Burrus

“I came to The Pines at Bristol before, as part of their Passport Rehabilitation Program. I pre-booked my stay with them – and now I am here again on my second “pre-book.” I take notes every day on what I do and who helps me. After looking over my notes, I see how many wonderful thoughts I had during my stay and how many great folks partook in caring for me and my needs. There are too many people to even mention here, but thanks to the CNAs, nurses and therapy team, especially! I will tell my friends this is the place to come if they ever need help. I will come back too. You have a super team. God Bless all of them.

— Rose Dole

“I pre-booked by stay prior to my surgery at Yale. I have a beautiful clean private room at The Pines at Bristol. The therapy is wonderful and made sure I had all the tools I needed to get me going from beginning to end. Therapy is 7 days a week and everything that was promised to me when I pre-booked was true.”

— Joyce Englert

My grandma, Dorothy Gagne’, Room 209, was a patient at The Pines from June 2013 until Sept 10, 2013 when she passed away. I wanted to take a moment to thank the staff on the second floor for everything they did for her while she was there especially during her final hours. From the care they provided to her to the compassion they showed our family when she quietly passed away is something that I will never forget. So, to the nurses, aides and all those from the hospice staff, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. My grandma meant the world to me and I take great comfort in knowing that she was in your caring hands during the last few months of her life.

— Dawn Poole

“I was told by family that The Pines at Bristol Center for Health and Rehabilitation was the best rehabilitation facility in Bristol and they were right. Everyone is always so pleasant and has a smile or just a ‘good morning’ for you. Whenever I needed assistance, I put the nurse call light on and the response was quick.”

— Harry ‘Whitey’ Dudzinski

Everyone at The Pines at Bristol Center has touched my heart in a special way. This was more like a vacation than rehab. A smile was not part of their uniform. They did not put it on for work and take off at quitting time. It was always a sincere, heartfelt smile, 24/7. I am going home this Friday, April 13, 2018. I am glad to be going home but I will miss everyone here because they ALL touched my heart in a very special way. My CNA Monique is a standout only because I had an incident at home while I was at The Pines and she hugged me as I cried on her shoulder for a brief moment. They ALL cared about me more than I can say. You have the BEST staff here and I hope you appreciate them as much as I do. Thank you, and them, for this experience. This is the best I could have ever hoped for! KUDOS to all! Thank you.

— Paul Doucette