Our Team

Ray Wilkens, Administrator

Ray has been an administrator for 10 years now! Previously he was a paramedic and respiratory therapist. He resides in Thomaston and has worked for Bristol EMS in the past. He said it’s great to work close to home and in a community that he is familiar with. Ray finds his job rewarding in being able to have a positive outcome in people’s lives. He’s truly proud of the staff here, they are constantly getting positive feedback from residents. His favorite part of working at The Pines is being able to see all of the people that work at the facility and who live here every day.

Beatrice Vincent, Director of Nursing Services

Beatrice is the Director of Nursing Services here at The Pines and one of our newest employees here. She’s been with National Health Care for 11 years now, and she’s been a nurse since 1998. Her position entails overseeing and managing all clinical aspects of The Pines. Since she’s been a nurse for so long she feels like she is an educator and she provides support to the staff she manages. Beatrice’s favorite part of her job is being able to make a difference. All she wants to do is make people smile, it makes her happy. Her job is rewarding to her, she loves going home knowing that she has made a difference in someone’s life. Overall, Beatrice is happy she’s here with us now at The Pines and loves her new team here.

Kelly Dube, Admissions and Marketing Director

Kelly really does love her job here at The Pines. What she loves most is being able to interact with our residents. Kelly has been working 14 years in the nursing home field, starting off as our receptionist. She was soon promoted to our staffing coordinator, where sometimes “covered” the Admissions Director during vacations – and loved doing so! Since November her job here is working in Admissions and Marketing for the center and she really enjoys it. What she’s most proud of is the family feel here at the Pines. The residents have really become family to her and that makes her job enjoyable. She loves any interaction with the residents and the “connectedness between everyone.”

Lisa Goldwasser, Business Office Manager

Lisa’s new to our team here at The Pines, but so far she loves it! Her job entails helping people navigate through the difficult systems involved in obtaining the healthcare they deserve. She truly enjoys making the process as easy as possible for the families. Lisa understands how they feel, as she has been in their shoes before. She has 15 years of nursing facility experience and 5 years of working within insurance. Lisa is proud of The Pines being a 5 star facility with a great team of professionals.


Julie Sikoski, Assistant Director of Nursing Services

Julie’s job here at The Pines is providing assistance to the Nursing Director, supervising nurses and currently working in infection control. She’s been at the center since June of last year and a registered nurse for 25 years now. She said the most rewarding part of working in this position is been able to help residents, as well as families using a holistic approach to give all over continuous care. She’s proud of the teamwork and compassion that the employees have of The Pines. The staff are very welcoming and help whenever needed. All of them care about the residents as if they were family.

Patricia Thomas, Director of Social Services

Patricia’s job as the Director of Social Services entails being a discharge planner for the passport unit. It’s her responsibility to ensure that residents return home safely with appropriate services and equipment. She finds the field of social work to be extremely rewarding. The most rewarding part is completing a successful discharge and being able to listen to the residents share their lives with her. She said, when the families tell her how appreciative they are of their stay it makes her happy. She’s proud of the 5 star rating that The Pines has continuously received and the fact that families recommend The Pines based on their experiences.

Ana Marcil, Human Resources Manager

As the Human Resources Manager at The Pines she handles recruitment, employee relations and benefits among others. She recently joined National Healthcare in February and loves her job. The most rewarding part of her position is being instrumental in the recruitment efforts from sourcing to placement of medical staff needed to provide care and service to our patients/residents. Being able to hire individuals who could provide quality service is what I find qualifying because they are our most essential workforce. Ana is proud of the fact that The Pines has a great reputation as a skilled nursing home in the community and the relationship among the employees, makes this center one of the best.

Tyler Rozanski, Environmental Services Director

Tyler started off here at The Pines as a janitor and worked his way up to management. His job entails making sure the building is clean and the laundry gets done. He’s been here for seven years and funny story, his mother actually worked here when she was pregnant with him. His favorite part of being here at The Pines is being able to see the residents every day. He loves to brighten their days, make them smile, hearing their stories and according to Tyler, they really do give the best advice. He’s proud of all of the centers accomplishments including achieving the award of best nursing care facility in Bristol, by the Bristol Press and that they are a 5 star building.

Peter Gavin, Director of Building and Grounds

Peter has been with us here at this facility for 40 years now! He started as a maintenance assistant and became the maintenance chief, Director of Building and Grounds. He takes care of all facility operations, systems, equipment, compliance of codes and he’s the facility safety officer. He has met his wife Cathy here 37 years ago, who works as the resident and family social worker here at The Pines. They are happily married with four children and 6 grandchildren. Also, you might know him as playing Santa for over 35 years now every Christmas for the residents! He said, they really do love it. He also coordinates and participates in the Annual Children’s Parade and Festival, as a facility and community event. Peter said he has two marriages, one to this facility and one to his wife. The Pines is really his home away from home. He has always cared for it and the residents who live here.

Joy Coats, Interdisciplinary Team Member

Joy is part of the Interdisciplinary Team here at The Pines, which involves making sure that the residents receive the services they need, as well as managing their Medicare benefits. She started working for National Healthcare Associates in Rocky Hill in 2009 as a MDS Coordinator, in 2011 she came to The Pines. The most rewarding part of her job is being able to see the patients return to the community after rehab. She said, “It means we did something good.” When the residents are happy, she is happy. She’s proud that she works for a facility whose mission is to provide the best quality care to the residents.

Margaret Heinzinger, Director of Therapeutic Recreation

Being the Director of Therapeutic Recreation Margaret works and manages activities for the residents. She was happy to join the team in 2003, after years of service as a religious Sister. She has worked at other long term care facilities and believes that caring for our senior population is her true calling! The most rewarding part of her position is being able to touch people’s lives in a meaningful way when they need care and compassion the most. She loves the hugs and kisses she gives and gets from the residents and says nothing beats the feeling of truly connecting with someone else. She’s proud of the team here at The Pines, they all put their heart into their work. They work together well, providing quality care, in a clean and safe environment.

Tyrone Hafford, Director of Dining Services

Tyrone oversees the entire kitchen here at The Pines. He started off his career as a dietary aide and worked his way up to becoming a director. His job as a director is to ensure the kitchen is kept in a sanitary condition, hiring for the kitchen and making sure our residents get the best quality food possible! He’s happy they have expanded the menu and now the residents can receive cooking-to-order for breakfast now! His favorite part of his job is being able to satisfy residents, when they give compliments about the food it really makes his day.